Wednesday, April 26, 2017

HOW DO YOU SPELL SUCCESS is a 8,330-word Article / Mini-book with valuable information drawn from more than 20 years as an independent art rep selling my own art, originals, and prints by other artists, signed and numbered limited editions, prints, and posters for major international art publishers. It is part of a series of Mini-books drawn from my full-length book: SALES TIPS FOR ARTISTS. These “quick read” artist aids include: ARE THERE SECRETS FOR SELLING ART?, THE MAMMOTH MARKET ARTISTS OFTEN OVERLOOK and possible future works.

I traveled thousands of miles selling art to hundreds of buyers – the huge, hungry market for art that surrounds every artist's hometown. It is the overlooked alternative to finding and arranging gallery representation. Instead of consigning your art, hoping it will be promoted and sold, then waiting for payment, these consistent, repeat buyers will place a check in your hand as soon as they decide your art “fills the bill”. You'll learn where, when and to whom you show your work, how to make the presentation, close the sale and handle the follow-up.

Here is some of what is covered: Four Categories of Art Buyers, It's Not Necessary to Have a Name to Sell, Finding Buyers, Setting Appointments to Show Your Work, What Should I Say?, The Importance of Color, Color Trends Change, Any Special Medium for My Art?, Produce What the Client Needs, Pricing Your Art, Price Affects How and What You Paint, The Pricing “Catch 22”, Regional Variations, To Frame or Not to Frame?

Podcasts of many of the author's articles, including many selections from SALES TIPS FOR ARTISTS are available on (search Dick Harrison). Artists from more than 60 countries have listened, read and learned practical ways to increase the sales of art they have created. Dick Harrison has contributed guest blogs to Award Winning ART MARKETING NEWS and co-authored HOW TO SELL ART TO INTERIOR DESIGNERS with Barney Davey.